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47 Pinterest Marketing Toolbox Tempalets!

Pinterest Marketing Toolbox
If you’re a blogger or online business owner, Pinterest marketing is a must for driving automated traffic to your website and converting visitors into e-mail subscribers – for free!
📦 With The Pinterest Marketing Toolbox, you’ll have everything you need to:
  • Design eye-catching, optimized Pinterest graphics that encourage clicks to your site
  • Create a worksheet to use as a lead magnet that converts visitors into e-mail subscribers
  • Achieve a higher conversion rate with engaging opt-in buttons
Plus, you can use Canva’s foolproof (and free!) drag-and-drop platform to export branded graphics with a consistent look and feel every single time, to help your blog and business stand out on the Pinterest Smart Feed.
  • 16 standard-sized Pinterest templates (1000x1500px, for Canva and Photoshop)
  • 16 tall-sized Pinterest templates (1000x1800px, for Canva and Photoshop)
  • 10 opt-in button templates (for Canva and Photoshop)
  • 5 worksheet templates (for Canva, Photoshop and InDesign)
All Pinterest templates are sized to fit perfectly in the Smart Feed.
These templates are designed to include...
  • Blog post details (title, subtitle, call to action)
  • Tips, tricks or lists such as "3 Tips to Start an Online Business"
  • Thumbnail previews for your lead magnet or opt-in freebie
  • Tech mockups for opt-ins such as free courses or templates
  • Image collages
⭐️ BONUS: Custom tech mockups with drop shadows included – even in Canva format!
🖥 WHAT YOU NEED: A free Canva account OR Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later
If you use Canva… Using Canva’s FREE, foolproof drag-and-drop platform, you can modify these templates to suit your unique brand in minutes, without installing any software.
If you use Photoshop… You will need a very basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop in order to customize the templates in Adobe format.
Plus... Worksheet templates are also included in InDesign format.
  • no need to learn how to use professional design software
  • put off hiring a professional with a steep hourly rate
  • spend more time on revenue-generating tasks
  • use Canva, a totally free and foolproof web-based platform
  • all fonts are copyright-free and included with the free version of Canva
  • start driving more traffic to your website asap with the power of Pinterest

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