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Flowers can refresh each room and make it more pleasant, and even when it comes to modern or office spaces that give an unexpected and tender atmosphere. Learn how to use it in your home with a few useful tips, from choosing flowers, through the selection of important to creative decorative details.

Selection of flowers

The selection of flowers often falls on peony, roses, lollies, dallies, and Lisianthus, and we show you several arrangements that will relieve you and give you an idea of how to use them in your home too. It's not a mistake if you choose to combine different ideas and details, because this is an opportunity to express your creativity, and the photos that follow can be a good sign ...

The choice is important

As important as the selection of flowers for decoration, the choice is also important, which can be very creative. This will determine whether the decoration will have an antique or modern note. The recycling of jars and bottles is not only good for our planet but also excellent for making a striking arrangement. If you decorate a modern or industrial space, you can leave the bottle in its original form, but if you want to get a rustic look, you can paint the bottles and sometimes peel off the paint. If bottles are arranged in a row or grouped, they will leave even more impressed.

Miniature cactus and succulents
Decorations with miniature cactus and succulents have a special charm. As much as your living space was, you can bring nature into it in small, for example, if you yourself make a magnificent terrarium for plants. Plants exposed in glass jars make space more interesting and stimulate conversation, which is the reason to use it more.

Leafy plants

Leafy plants, in various textural forms, fit perfectly into minimalist spaces. The perfect choice is palm branches, bamboo or other decorative twigs. In the same style, pine trunks are used to decorate modern spaces. The best indicator of what effect can be achieved in this way can be seen in examples of using bamboo in the interior.

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