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5 Yoga Positions for a Better Dream!

Insomnia is free to say a monster of the new age and more and more people suffer from a lack of sleep that can lead to countless health problems. In the fight against insomnia, you can also help certain yoga positions.

Insomnia can really interfere with the quality of life, affect productivity, concentration, and increase stress levels. If despite the fact that you lie in the dark every night, you're waiting for the dream to come to the eye without wanting to use drugs, you might try yoga. These exercises will help you to relax, throw away the thoughts that are scattered over your head, make you fall asleep, or simply sleep better.

Before you think that yoga is a miraculous cure for insomnia you need to know that the causes of insomnia can be various and very complicated and therefore yoga can not help everyone, but most people who have tried it really help.

If you have not practiced yoga so far, before attempting a recommended sleep recommendation, it would be a good idea to enter several group classes where you will be explained how to properly breathe and how to properly do these exercises.

Yoga Positions Against Insomnia
Sit and bend forward
This very relaxing pose, above all, subduedly calms and relaxes, and in addition, it helps the digestive system work. If bad digestion does not allow you to sleep well this is certainly a situation for you.

Sit on the floor with your feet straight and stretched out in front of you. Breathe deeply, lift your arms high above your head, tighten your feet and slowly lower the upper part of your body towards the front, so your chest hits your knees and grabs your feet. Initially, you will not be able to completely descend, but do not worry about it, it's important to stretch the muscles of the back and spine. In this position, stay 10-12 breaths and breaths and gently lift up.

The position of the bridge may not act as a posing poses, but it certainly prepares the body for sleep as it calms and solves stress, which is one of the key factors for more sleep.

Lie on your back, then gently bend your knees and pull your feet so that they come right next to your buttocks. With the next breath, slide your feet and palms out of the floor and gently lift your buttocks up, as far as you can. Use the thighs of the inner thighs to keep the legs straight. Inhale and exhale 10-15 times, then slowly lower to the starting position.

stretch his leg
This position will stretch your legs, reduce stress levels and help you sleep better and deeper. Her special benefits are that she will be able to get fresh and restful in the morning when you get up.

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Sit on the floor, upright, legs collected so that the feet touch and knees fall from the sides. Feet as close as possible to the genital area. Then tilt backward so that one cubit on the floor and gently lower your back to the floor slowly approaching the blades to one another and relaxing them. Hands should be in a neutral position next to the body, palms facing upwards. Close your eyes and gently breathe. In this pose, you can stay as much as you like, and you can wrap the towel around your foot in order to stay together.

The position of the candle
Candle is one of the basic positions in yoga that helps to relax, calm down thoughts and solve our pain in the feet and feet that can be one of the causes of insomnia.

Lie on your back, and then collect your knees so that they come to your chest, your hands are next to your body, your palms facing the floor. After that, support your back with your hands and lift them up, and straighten your legs upward so that they are flat in the air. Bend your elbows, and hold your lower back on your hands for the firmer support. On your floor should be your shoulders, head and forearm. If this is too hot, lean your feet against the wall.

Have you ever fallen asleep in this position that usually comes at the end of every yoga day? We have to admit it happened. This pose will help you to calm your body and absorb the benefits of all the positions that you have done before this. It will prepare your brain for rest and relaxation.

Lie on the back, legs slightly segregated, hands slightly separated from the body, palms facing up. Close your eyes, focus on breathing, listen to relaxing music and enjoy. After a few weeks of practicing these positions, you will notice significant progress every night when your sleep is concerned.


  1. great ideas. I really like Sarbhangasana - that's a total body exercise. Another exercise that helps me sleep is Pawan Muktasana.

  2. this is so beautiful...i think it is time i start getting daily exercise after work.

  3. Yoga has so many amazing benefits. A slow stretch and meditation before bed can help get better sleep.

  4. I just finish those 5 positions, I hope to have a blissful night.

  5. Hey there,
    Thank you so much for sharing this useful post with us.

  6. Nice yoga positions. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love practicing yoga and I sometimes have insomnia. I wasn't aware of some of these positions helping with that. So I will try these positions. Thanks!

  8. I really want to get into doing yoga more frequently so I’m going to have to try and incorporate these poses... especially before bed

  9. I used to get weird dreams few days back. Now a days I have started meditating 5 mins before going to sleep. It is really helping me with peaceful sleep (I mean no dreams) :)

  10. I'm always looking for ways to improve my sleep and I would have never thought of using yoga.

  11. I have yet to try yoga. I would like to, just haven't done it yet.

  12. I had no idea that Yoga had benefits for sleep as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. Never knew that there was yoga poses to help with sleep. Interesting!

  14. I had insomnia before (sometimes I still do), I was only getting 4 hours of sleep too due to my work. Fortunately, I have a snooze-inducing ally in yoga, and when I get up and do the following sequence, miracles happen. I do the vigorous once in the morning and the calming once at night. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  15. I used to be an insomniac decades ago. In fact our family doctor has prescribed me with sleeping pills, which I begged not to have stating I wanted to find a better way to get that much elusive sleep. True enough, with meditation I was able to put myself to sleep afterwards. As for yoga positions, this I have to try. Thanks for sharing!