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6 Best abdominal exercises!

When we get fat in the stomach area, it is most evident and gives rise to the most headaches. That's why we all strive to lose weight around the waist. Having a flat stomach is not that difficult, and with real stomach exercises and little control in nutrition, you can see results very quickly!

The best way to reduce fat around the stomach is stomach exercises. If you really want to see results, take a little time during the day and aim your abdomen and reduce your stomach fat.

We bring you 6 best exercises for ideal waist, flat stomach and strong abdominal.

The fitness experts say that nothing burns fat deposits from the stomach like the abdomen. Dumbbells are the best stomach exercises, and so add them to your daily routine.

Lie on the floor and bend your knees in your knees. Put your hands behind your head. At the same time lift up the upper body and knees, and then gently return to the original position. When you lift up then exhale, and when you return to the starting position, then breathe.

Do 20 reps.

2.Bicycle abdomen
This type of abdomen is an ideal stomach exercise when targeting the central abdomen, and in addition, the side muscles are also shaped. They are great for shaping the waist.

Lay on the floor with bent knees and arms behind your head. Draw the knee to yourself and lift the swallowed part of the body. Fix your right leg while turning the upper part of your body to the left. With your right elbow touch your left knee, then swap sides.

3.Moving your leg up and down
This is actually a movement that is used for swimming, and it's great for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Lie on the floor with your hands next to your hips. The legs are stretched and raised from the floor. Then start your feet up and down, like when you swim the edge. Be careful not to lift your back from the floor, because then you are loading your back, not the abdomen.

4.Touch the heels
This exercise is excellent for strengthening the abdominal muscles and shaping the waist.

Lie on the floor with bent knees. Stretch your hands to your feet and lift up the upper body. Then, alternately, tap the left and right fifth.

Do 20 reps on both sides.

5. Cross-breasts
These stomach exercises strengthen the central muscle group. It strengthens the abdomen, its forms, and forms a narrow waist.

Lay on the floor with bent knees and arms behind your head. At the same time, lift and swallow the body and bend your knee. With the left elbow, touch the right knee, then replace the side.

Do 20 reps on both sides.

6.Plenk from the side
Plenk on the side is one of the best exercises for stretching belly and shaping the waist. In addition, it activates both shoulders, arms and legs, and improves balance.

Stand aside, relying on one hand's elbow. The lacquer should be right under the shoulder. Lift the hips from the floor, and hold the taut body in that position for 20 seconds. You repeat the same thing on the other side.

This workout employs several rep ranges so that you're working with different relative intensities. Start out at a lower rep range and progress to higher reps over the course of your workout.

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