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9 Great Tricks For Interior Decoration!

There are small things that you can make big changes in the home. Proper selection of plants will make your space completely different, and we will give you several suggestions from horticulture for the unusual interior decoration.

1. Trick with mirrors

Keep in mind one trick if you want to increase the decorative effect of your plants - using mirrors! Whatever plants you plan to decorate, multi-mirrors with their surfaces will reflect more green elements in the space. Details will be more accentuated without taking more space. It is especially interesting if you add round elements such as glass bowl or important in the form of balls, which soften the space and increase the dimensions over their surface.

2. A part of nature in a small package

Cactus in the environment create beautiful geometric shapes, and a phenomenal effect will be achieved if you create a landscape with them. Thus, you will be able to enter a small part of nature into your home with plants planted in only one pot. Cacti are very simple, they need a lot of light and they like it. Use the sand and stones for decoration, and choose the various types of cactus that will flourish and long hold the flower that will adorn your home. Mini gardens are a real masterpiece, and you can also use figurines like a house, make gravel trails, and those skilled in this garden can plant and a little tree that will grow as a bonsai.

3. Pour plants and decoration

Small chunks can be very nicely stitched home, so pay special attention to the pots and the insights you hold flowers and plants. It will be interesting if you put two pots on the window frame in the form of an important, as in the picture. If you want to attract curious views, decorate the space with unusual flowers, such as the so-called. a cabbage flower as its tamely greyish leaves gives an interesting contrast to white interiors. Choose your unusual combination.

4. A terrarium is a miracle

You can easily make terrariums - small ecosystems very easily. About the way terrariums are made, we wrote earlier, and one thing is certain - this is the easiest way to cultivate plants without any need for permanent care. They work very decoratively and nicely and in the minimalist interior they are especially striking - they daily testify to how nature is powerful.

5. Tasty herbs

In busy cities, people are completely separate from nature, and the only way to taste the plant you cultivate is to plant it in your kitchen. We have already written about detailed tips for cultivating spicy herbs, and you need to take a small corner in your kitchen or on the terrace, choose the favorite plants and a bowl in which you will grow them.

6. An incredible view of Citrus

In elegant minimalistic spaces, which, especially during the winter, seem cool, make something completely unusual - grow a tree that will grow lemons, mandarins or oranges. During the gloomy winter days, green leaves and lively citrus fruits will bring the serenity and Mediterranean spirit and refresh the space.

7. Small wood in the middle of the interior

Bonsai cultivation is the perfect way to nourish a tree that will be with you on a daily basis throughout your life. Apart from the visual effect in an interior that is priceless, cultivating bonsai, you will practice peace and commitment to a miniature project. Look at some of the most beautiful types of bonsai that you can cultivate.

 8. Gardens that grow in height

Facing the lack of living space in modern cities has caused the need to design different vertical gardens. You can plant various ornamental and spicy plants in them, and for this you will need a stable vertical surface, preferably on the terrace or in the kitchen area.

9. Flower on the ceiling

Vases and pots are no longer secondary objects, today designers are especially designing them, and some even found the place even on the ceiling. If you want to attract your guests and guests to the attention of the flowers that hang from the ceiling, hanging important are the ideal way. Leave the imagination at will and play worldly arrangements.

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