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17 Best Practices For Flat Stomach (Fastest To Aim)

We all want to have a flat stomach right? Classical exercises like the abdominal we all know are pretty boring and most often cause back pain. So we decided to make interesting guides with one of the best abdominal exercises for how to get to a flat stomach the fastest.

1. Plank

2. Side Plank

3. Walking Plank

4. Reverse Crunches

5. Leg Lift

6. Single Leg V-up

7. Core stability exercise: Marching

8. Two-leg floor bridge

9. Russian Twist

10. Push Up Burpee

11. Mountain climber

12. Side Hip Drops

13. Towel Crunches

14. Front Squats

15. Captain’s Chair

16. Knee To Chest Lift Chair

17. Spider Plank

Let's try and tell us what kind of exercise you liked most and which was most difficult for you. Also be sure, for a regular stomach proper diet also plays a huge role. Do not forget to enter proteins and carbohydrates in every meal.

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