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7 Exercises to Build a Round Booty and Toned Legs!

These leg exercises are simpler than they appear. They are also good for beginners, and they can work everywhere where there is room for exercise.

We suggest an excellent plan for domestic exercises for professional fitness instructors. Every day during the month, with small steps you will come closer to winning. All that's needed - do these exercises regularly.

When you notice visibly slender thighs and hips in the mirror, remember that everything is possible! The most important thing is to want and want! Separate 15 minutes a day for these exercises, and after a month you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.
Exercise 1: Exercise with a change in the leg in a jump

♦ We stand in a step with a left leg stretched forward. Let's keep our backs right and make sure your right knee is lower than the left.

♦ We do the best we can by helping our hands

♦ In a jump, we make legs and go down to the step with the right foot forward.

We start with 10-12 repetitions, each time changing the leg when lowering. We gradually reach 30 reps.

Exercise 2: Raise the knee

♦ We slightly bend the legs in our knees and pull our hands back.

♦ We climb straight at the same time trying to lift our knees as much as possible.

This exercise requires more effort than the rest. For the first time it's hard to make 30 jumps, so we advise you to split them into three series of 10 jumps with a minute break between the series.

Exercise 3: Raising the leg lying on the side (behind the outside of the LAGE)

♦ We lie on our right side and lean on our arm. We use our left hand to rely on the floor in front of us.

♦ We slowly lift and lower our right leg. Avoid sharp and high stops.

♦ We repeat the whole exercise for the other leg.

This exercise is not only good for legs, but for the booty

Exercise 4: Raising the leg lying on the side (for the inside of the booty)

♦ We lie on our right side and lean on our arm. We bend the left leg in our knees and lower our feet to the floor in front of us, in order to balance the other hand.

♦ We slowly lift and lower our right leg. Avoid sharp and high stops.

We also repeat this exercise for the other leg.

Exercise 5: Exercise with weights

♦ We stand upright, hands lowered by the body.

♦ Without changing the position of the back, alternately with the left and right legs, we make the opposite step (a step backward)

Try to make a deep step forward and bend your leg at right angles. Instead of weights, you can also use plastic bottles of 0.5l with water.

Exercise 6: A sloping slope with weights

♦ We place the left hand on the waist, and in the right, which is stretched, we keep the weights.

♦ We make a step to the left, bend forward, make the spine, and turn the body parallel with the left leg.
♦ Right-hand touches the left ankle. The right leg should be extended and the left bent at the knee.

We're repeating a second-hand exercise. The weight can be replaced by a bottle of 0.5l with water.

Exercise 7: Easy foot lift from the place

♦ We stand on our hands and on our right knee. We turn our left foot backward.

♦ We begin slowly to raise the left leg as much as we can, then it is also slowly lowering.

After changing our feet, we repeat the exercise.

You should try to repeat each exercise 30 times. It's easy to stretch before exercising.

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