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These 7 simple exercises will transform your body into just 4 weeks !!!!

These 7 simple exercises will transform your body into just 4 weeks
It's the time when your body should be in perfect shape and ready for the beach. This challenge is related to exercise. Do not worry, we will not force you too much, because you only need 10 minutes a day to get in perfect shape. You do not need any equipment, just great enthusiasm and 10 minutes a day. This challenge consists of 7 exercises. 
Here they are:

1. Plank

Plank is one of the most basic exercises I regularly do because it helps to tighten and strengthen the core, which leads to an increase in overall strength and stability. Exercise as shown above, supporting yourself on forearms and legs and keeping your back perfectly straight. Keep tightly at intervals between 10 seconds and one minute, depending on the condition.

2. Sketches

This is the grandfather of the strength training of the upper body. They exist for quite a long time and are a great way to build breasts, shoulders, and triceps. Start with a plank position, then lower the body down before you go back. It is very important to keep the body straight.

3. "Bird Dog"

This yoga exercise is perfect for toning thighs and buttocks. Place yourself on all four as you see in the photo, and then stretch one leg and the opposite hand in front of you. Repeat on the other side.

4. Swords

Just as the pins are the basis for the upper body, the squats are for the lower. Place your legs in shoulder width, and then start to squat down / back as you sit in an imaginary chair. Keep your back straight, and spread your arms outwards for balance, if necessary. Then, slowly lift up.

5. Dumbbells

Lay straight on your back, lift one leg and bend it in your knee, then touch your knee. Repeat on the other side. It will strengthen the muscles and burn fat due to dynamics.

6. Abdominal muscles and bootie

Spank on your feet and hands, your body should be in the shape of a triangle. Raise one foot as high as you can. Start lowering slowly until it reaches your head. Go back to the starting position and repeat with your other leg.

7. "Swimming" - waist

Lie on your stomach. Lift your legs, arms, and head as shown in Figure A. Raise your right hand and your left leg, then lift up the opposite arm and leg. You "swim". "Swim" for 20 seconds and then rest. Repeat this exercise 10 times, 20 seconds every attempt.

8. Challenge "30 Days"

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