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Top 10 trends for jewelry this summer!!!

In addition to bathing suits, short skirts, hairstyles, and other things, here are jewelry trends.

On fashion catwalks, the style of jewelry has a lot of variations and there is a lot of novelties in this market. Rings, bracelets, earrings of different colors and many other things that make it worth looking at the further text. If you are adorning jewelry, this article will fill your heart with pleasure!

There are plenty to choose from this season, from choker to various earrings and other crazy jewelry, but we are introducing you to the top trends that are worth following this summer.

1. Earrings of different colors

The wearing trend of only one earring slowly dropped from the throne, while the pair of earrings in different colors slowly came to that place. This look is seen at the Oscar De La Renta magazine. This style is confusing and beautiful at the same time.

2. Asymmetrical earrings

This year, there seems to have been a major change. Change in any sense, color and size ... Here we have completely different two minuses carried by the model with the Nina Ricci magazine. Would you also like to wear this kind of thing?

3. Rings inspired by the beach

Sweet, golden rings inspired by the underwater world is seen on Valentine's Day magazine. These four rings look absolutely beautiful and unique, and they can be worn at all times.

4. Pearls

Greet the new trend of jewelry! Old trends are coming back, and new ones go back to history. Benefits of luxury. The metallic color of the pearls gives the necklaces an urban note and this is why they can handle it in any circumstance.

5. Romantic concept

Dolce & Gabanna really focused their attention on making jewelry with a romantic note that will fit perfectly with Valentine's Day. Colors and style somehow remind us of the influence of Spain and Sicily, right?

6. Bracelets with a flower pattern

Large, noticeable bracelets are definitely "in" this summer. The bracelet fits with a flower dress design and looks like it was made of the same pattern as the dress.

7. Necklace with engraved letters

Because the autofit is very noticeable and interesting (designs and colors are full of inspired flowers), designers have decided that jewelry should be very minimalistic with romantic notes. The necklace with engraved detail is "must-have" this season.

8. Golden bracelets with colorful words / messages

This is not particularly new, but at least it knows that they are worn and that they are popular this season. Notable golden bracelets with colorful messages are mostly seen on the reign of the famous brand - Chanel.

9. Necklaces of old gold

Gucci is not part of the "insanity" of jewelry. The model carries two similar necklaces of the same length in color of old gold with pendants that have a symbolic meaning.

10. An ear cuff
This is not an ordinary earring. This is a earring that is worn on just one ear, and which is divine and decorative. Only courageous women with a strong and good style can do this right. In particular, this picture was made by Houghton. Bravo for an excellent snowflake design!

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