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7 tricks that make up women apply daily

We are all familiar with the unpleasant pitfalls of everyday life. Sometimes it is unexpected stress in the early morning, new shoe blisters or a stain on the just-drunk coffee on the blouse. It cannot be said that stylish women are immune to such problems - they are only well prepared.
All you need is to embrace their habits and incorporate just a few simple tricks into your daily routine. And some of them start in the morning as soon as you wake up ...

Watch the weather
The morning routine generally requires more time than you plan. Breakfast, showering, makeup and dressing up - all this is not done in ten minutes. So, to avoid stress, get up a little earlier than usual and get ready for the rush. Most errors occur in a hurry.

Plan combinations
If you have the time, it can be very helpful to prepare a complete outfit the night before. So you won't have to break up in the closet early in the morning and have more time for other things. If you do not have the time, then at least consider before bedtime what to wear the next day.

Take care of the underwear
Women in style always have appropriate underwear. Nothing is transparent, nothing is tight. Pay attention to the material and color of the garment, so choose the underwear to wear. Lightweight pants without edges are recommended. For the top, when wearing a thin strapless jersey, wear a strapless bra.

Follow the weather forecast
It is best to listen to the weather in the morning or look online. Temperatures are slightly lower in the morning, so it is advisable to be layered.

Wear clothing that fits you well
Alpha and Omega well-styled looks are great pieces of clothing for you. Clothing that is not in your ready-made number will hardly look good on you.

Find the right fashion accessory
Whether it's a purse, jewelry or scarf - the appropriate fashion accessory makes it look complete. However, there is the following rule: less is more!

Carry the "first aid kit" with you
Pack some harmless and adhesive tape, proofers and lipstick in your purse. These things do not take up much space and in various situations can save your day.

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