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EGO - the biggest killer of love relationships!

The question is often asked, "Who is to blame for the breakup of a relationship?" This question has no single answer. Some will say that the greatest destroyer is a lack of trust, understanding, respect, or intimacy. Others say jealousy, possessiveness and monotony are the most common causes of breakups. Many people argue that the only thing they can't see with their fingers is infidelity.
All of these reasons have their own weight and we cannot say which is the most justified of them, because all people are different, with different perceptions and priorities. However, there is one killer of love relationships that is so insidious that we sometimes overlook it. It can destroy long-standing relationships, but also those that have not even begun. He kills great loves, but also sympathies that have just begun to be born.

It's about the ego. The ego is like a powerful poison that pervades reason and darkens love. The ego is that it tells partners "Don't give up!" And creates pressure for them to stay "free" to the end. The ego is the cause of most unsent messages. The reason for all unanswered calls. For all unspoken words and feelings undiscovered. For all the conversations that never happened and for all the great love that never existed.

The ego almost always overcomes love. The ego is that it does not allow loved ones to admit their mistake. It does not allow them to forgive and move on. It does not allow them to call their partner and tell him how much they miss. It does not let them tell themselves that they are still loved despite all the problems, difficulties and obstacles along the way.

The ego is telling them that they must not give up! That they must stay strong to the end. No one can make fools of them! They must not risk being hurt or ashamed. What will others say ?! What will the world say if they first apologize? What if they were laughed at for having decided to forgive? What if they were proclaimed “slippers” for expressing their love and showing it to everyone?

Love cannot flourish if it is watered with the poison called ego. Over time it will begin to wither and eventually dry out completely. And you will be proud. Proud of yourself for not giving up and staying strong. Proud of not allowing anyone to play with you. Proud to have shown you who is the "chief". Your ego will remain intact, undisturbed and magnificent.

You would argue that the relationship failed because of jealousy, lack of trust, understanding and intimacy. You will be comforted that you have not been tried and that something better is waiting for you. Your ego will grow so big that it will become big enough to stand in front of you and hide your true view of things. But deep down, a quiet, almost silent inner voice will always say to you, "Calling first, love might have overpowered and saved the relationship."

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