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Ten Yoga Poses for Back Pain!

For most of our lives, we take our backs for granted. But at one point, our backs 'rebel' and begin to remind us that they also need attention and love. Fortunately, for many of us, this pain is temporary, but there are also those whose back problem becomes chronic suffering, which is a frustrating condition in the long run.

in more severe cases, medical assistance is necessary, but if the pain is sporadic and is mainly a product of poor movement and improper body posture, YOGA may be the solution to tighten your back muscles, stretch, improve circulation, and relieve the pressure on your nerves. Our proposal is basic Yoga postures.

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Stand in a table position by kneeling and resting with your hands. Bend your spine up, pressing your hands, knees and feet together at the same time. Do the same, only this time twist your spine down. This exercise helps relieve pressure in the upper - shoulder and lower - lumbar regions while stretching your back and abdomen.

Spinal Twist

There are many options when it comes to twist poses. One of the most basic and effective is certainly Marichyasana. Sit down, make sure your left leg is straight, bend your right knee and push to your left. The foot of the right foot must be level with the floor. Support yourself with your right hand, twist your torso to your right, and move your left elbow over your right knee. Try to keep your back as straight as possible in this position. If you feel uncomfortable, just grab your knee with your left hand to begin with.

Repeat the same on the other side. Make sure that you stand for at least 10 seconds in both the left and right positions.

Downward Dog

There is a reason why the bent dog pose is the most famous pose in yoga. It renews the energy of the whole body. Stand back and lean your hands on the floor so that your body looks like a V-shaped invert. Relax your head and neck and make your hips go up. Extending the shoulder blades will stretch your upper back, and stretching your pelvis up will stretch your lower back. Breathe in and out five to seven times, so take a short break.

Plow Pose

Lie on your back, lay your hands next to your body, then move your legs over your head with your fingers touching the floor. Stay in this position for as long as you feel comfortable. This pose stretches the shoulders and lap belt fantastically. If this is very tiring for you, you can put the chair behind you for the start and instead of the floor, touch the chair with your fingers.

Seated Forward Fold

It's easy to create a pose where you lean your upper body forward, but that doesn't mean that it will benefit you when it comes to your back. If you do this correctly, your lower back will relax and relieve you of pain. Sit, straighten and put your feet together. Straighten your upper body and lower yourself slowly, reaching for your knees, ankles, feet, but without moving your hips. I know, at first it's annoying because all of our tendons are short for long periods of sitting. Be careful not to bend your spine. When tired, bend your knees and rest.

Child's Pose

Not only is this pose the most appropriate when you want to complete the exercise, relax, it is fantastic for your hips and your entire back.

Eagle Pose

This is a slightly more complicated pose that requires concentration and strength, but is very effective for the entire back. Twist your right foot around your left foot so that you rely on your left. Gently squat and twist the right arm around the left arm. Keep your arms bent at your elbows and keep them in front of your face. It is important that your palms are joined together.

Locust Pose

This pose is fantastic for strengthening your back and glutelus muscles. Lie on your stomach with your hands next to your body. Slowly lift your head, then your shoulders, arms and legs. Grab your hands behind your back and try to hold this position for as long as possible. Then rest and try to repeat this at least once more. Two to three times a day is optimal for the full effect of this exercise.

Bow Pose

Lie on your stomach with your hands next to your body, bend your knees and try to get your hands on your ankle. Then pull your legs and torso up. If you have severe injuries to the lumbar spine, do not exert a lot of strain as the stretching in this pose can be more intense.

Triangle Pose

Hollow Running Yoga Leggings

Not only does this pose ease back pain, it is also a kind of prevention. Stand in a gap, rotate your right foot outwards, stretch your arms away from your body, and slowly lower yourself to your right foot so that your right hand touches the floor and your left is straight. Turn your head to your left hand and hold this position for five to seven breaths / exhalations. Repeat all this with the left side as well.

When it comes to back pain, prevention is the best measure for a long, pain-free life. Listen to your body, it’s extremely important. Move the limits of exercise at least a millimeter every day and of course, never bully your body to do things that are not comfortable with it.

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