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What are the best travel destinations in September?

Many of us go on holiday in September because the arrangements are cheaper then the weather is still warm. September is a good month to travel as it is less crowded even at the most popular tourist destinations. Well, if you are planning to travel this September, here are the best destinations for you.
September is an ideal time to visit Barcelona because it is still hot, and the beaches are not crowded with tourists as in the high season. Because of its many churches and historical attractions, Barcelona is an ideal destination for the end of summer.

Cruising the Croatian coast
Cruising the Croatian coast is recommended, and a visit to Plitvice Lakes as well as to the Mljet National Park is recommended.

In third place is Munich, first due to Oktoberfest which starts on September 21 and lasts for 16 days. Of course, there is also a rich nightlife, and tourists are invited to visit the Residence - Germany's largest royal residence complex which is now an exhibition hall.

September is not too hot in Morocco as it is in summer, where you can visit numerous mountain ranges, old towns and deserts and be greeted by kind locals.

Bulgaria, Sofia
This country has everything that other European cities have to offer, but at significantly lower prices. Tourists are advised to visit the National History Museum, the Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky, and the Rila Monastery.

In addition to these, great travel destinations in September are the Greek islands, Tokyo, Singapore, France, China, Peru and Sicily.

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