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10 things to do and see in the Maldives!!!!

Glamorous water resorts, incredible white sand beaches with spectacular seas are the main reasons why the Maldives is a top destination for everyone. They are located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. The Maldives is comprised of 1,192 coral islands and sand springs, 200 of which are inhabited and hotels in 100 islands. All the islands are surrounded by beautiful lagoons with crystal clear water guarded by coral reefs.

Each resort in the Maldives is perched on its own perfect island full of palm trees. The most famous hotel chains are racing to give their guests the highest and most sophisticated level of luxury possible. We give you ten reasons why the Maldives should be at the top of everyone's travel wish list.

What is your favorite experience in the Maldives?
If you think we missed something or would like to change the order, let us know how your list looks.


Male, the capital of the Republic of Maldives, is located near the island of Hulhulé with an international airport. It is home to more than 130,000 people, accounting for one-third of the total population. The island is small in size, only 2.5 km2, which makes the city of Male one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Although most visitors only look at the skyscrapers of the capital on their way to the resort they choose, it pays to make time for it. If you have a few hours break while waiting for a flight or transfer, Male has a variety of monuments worth visiting. They reflect a noble past that defies the hustle and bustle of the modern city.

Also worth noting are the relics at the National Museum (housed in what was once the Sultan's Palace), the 17th-century Old Friday Mosque (Hukuru Miskiiy), as well as the colors, sounds and smells of a local fish market. Some of the old coral stone and wooden mosques are currently under UNESCO protection for World Heritage Sites.


When referring to the Maldives, most people imagine the image of a small island full of palm trees, surrounded by a white sand beach in a beautiful turquoise lagoon in the middle of the great blue ocean. The only way to see all those shades of blue is from the air. As you land (and take off) at Male Airport, you'll capture a few shots of that extraordinary sight, but the best way to catch your breath from those panoramas is to take a seaplane to your resort. Indeed, the North and South Atoll resorts can be reached by speedboat, and further resorts (often more luxurious) can only be reached by seaplane and can be reached. The flight takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour, and you will spend time admiring the bird's eye view of the beautiful archipelago. That flight is certainly a unique experience this destination has to offer.

3. Maldives wedding

Maldives weddings are considered to be one of the most romantic destinations all over the world, and there is a good reason why. How can you not love spectacular sunsets, soft white sand, first-class spa, scuba diving and snorkeling that is comparable, renowned restaurants, views of endless horizons and fantastic villas above the water? No wonder the newlyweds come here in such numbers. The Maldives enjoys the reputation of seclusion with which the islands depart, therefore they can make the honeymoon of everyone's dreams, and many resorts go one step further, many offer a romantic bath under candles and rose petals, as well as a lovingly decorated bridal bed. Could it be more romantic than that ?! This is why the Maldives is one of the most sought after destinations for luxury travel as well as a destination that many famous couples have chosen for their honeymoon. Katie Perry and Russell Brand, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are just some of the celebrities who spent your honeymoon here. But, of course, the Maldives should not be considered a destination solely for newlyweds. They are also perfect for families or vacations with friends.


Your body, mind and spirit will be grateful for your holiday in the Maldives. Especially if you enhance your relaxation with relaxing spa treatments that will rejuvenate you. There are about 110 top spa resorts in the island resorts, and some are located in Male. There is even a spa at the airport terminal, as well as informal centers that offer services to guests staying on a desert island. In the Maldives, the spa has become much more than what it conventionally means - a place that offers beauty and health treatments. Not only does the Resort Resorts pair with the luxury standard of accommodation, it even goes one step further in terms of design and location. There are spa centers located in the lagoon overlooking the endless panorama, spas surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, centers on their own island, on the beach, in the temple setting, or surrounded by bubbling water as well as a phenomenal underwater spa. Each spa seeks to create a tranquil atmosphere through a soothing ambiance where exotic therapies completely eliminate stress.


It is estimated that about half of tourists come to the Maldives for snorkeling or diving. They are hard to resist, especially when you arrive and see the clear ocean in the island lagoons and the colorful fish and coral. It is hard to imagine the extraordinary beauty of the magnificent underwater world that surrounds the paradise islands. The deep canals separate 26 atolls stretching over 800 nautical miles from Haa Alifu Atoll in the north to Addu Atoll in the south. Ocean currents distribute nutrients throughout the area, and they virtually support a rich and colorful underwater life that is a scenery for superb diving and allow visitors to dive with harmless whale sharks, reef sharks and rye. Most resorts have their own diving center and access to different dive sites suitable for divers with different experiences, and there are beginner schools: learn to dive in the colorful underwater world.


If diving seems like too much of a challenge, you'll be glad to hear that the Maldives is a compelling destination for snorkeling. Snorkeling is available to anyone who knows how to swim and does not require foreknowledge. Each resort near the coast has its own coral reef where shallow lagoons descend abruptly into the deep ocean. Besides being rich in corals, it also has a diverse marine life and colorful fish. It also protects lagoons around the island and protects swimmers from ocean waves and strong currents. Snorkling can bring you encounters with fish surgeons, tuna fish, parrots, rye, turtles, and even hammerhead sharks. The quality of the coral reef varies from resort to resort, and the best are certainly Soneva Fushi, Park Hyatt Maldives, Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, Anantara Kihavah, Six Senses Laamu, W retreat, and Angsana Ihuru.

7. Stay in a water bungalow

Almost all the waterfront villas in the world are in French Polynesia (in the southern Pacific) and the Maldives, though they can be found elsewhere. There are currently around 8,000 waterfront villas in the world, and two-thirds are in the Maldives. Staying in a luxury villa perched over a beautiful turquoise lagoon is a life-long wish list for many, and for good reason. Indeed, it's hard to surpass the experience of a tropical island in a bungalow in the midst of the clear warm ocean that is literally on your doorstep. The most exclusive resorts of the Maldives offer magnificent villas above the water that will surpass your wildest dreams. From dinner pavilions and infinity pools to translucent floors and a movable roof that gives guests the opportunity to observe flocks of fish below, or to enjoy the starry sky above.


Many see the Maldives as a piece of paradise, and the beach is one of the main reasons for this. More than a thousand islands are endowed with the longest beaches and an ocean of incredible shades of blue. And the only thing you hear on the beach is the murmur of palm leaves in the breeze and the warm Indian Ocean smoothing the soft sandy shoreline. If you enjoy lounging on your stretch of white beach while the sun rays smooth your body, then you should book a beach villa overlooking the blue horizon. Although all beaches in the Maldives are fantastic, the quality of the beach still varies from island to island. Some resorts, unfortunately, have to use sandbags and walls in the sea to preserve the idyllic beaches. On the other hand, there are islands that have the purest Maldives, like talc soft, sand that adorns the islands: Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani, Hyatt Hadaaha Park, Six Senses Laamu, Four Seasons Landa Giravaaru, COMO Cocoa, and Taj Exotica.


The Maldives is becoming the world's premier luxury destination, the perfect playground for honeymooners, surfers, divers, spa lovers, swimmers as well as celebrities. Synonymous with unrivaled luxury, the Maldives has more luxury resorts than anywhere in the world, with room rates in line with the archipelago's reputation. Some also spend over $ 5,000 a night to stay in one of the most decadent resorts. Each resort is located on its deserted island, which ensures exclusivity, tranquility and absolute privacy. Guests can choose between beachfront villas nestled against the stunning white sand beach, or tucked into villas on the pillars above glittering blue lagoons. Top-notch spa, world-renowned restaurants, butler service and an impressive wine cellar are commonplace.


The latest resort of renowned Maldivian hotelier Sonu Shivdasani, CEO of Soneva chain, is so revolutionary that it will surely knock you off your feet, even those who have already traveled to the Maldives. This perhaps the most luxurious (and most anticipated) resort opened in the fall of last year (2016) and has continued to impress ever since. Heir to the Soneva Fushi resort, which set the standard for luxury twenty years ago. Inspired by the Sanskrit word for wisdom, Soneva Jani is located on Medhufaru Island, which is part of an uninhabited group of five islands in Noon Atoll. The Maldivian's most exclusive hotel is surrounded by primeval beaches, covered with rich tropical vegetation and surrounded by a 5.6 km long lagoon with 360 ° views of the Indian Ocean. Each of the 24 waterfront villas has a private pool and exits on its own part of the lagoon. Some villas also have slides that allow you to descend directly into the ocean. The highlight is certainly the movable bedroom roof that opens to a button so guests can enjoy the starry sky from the bed.

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