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If you want to freshen up your home, give it some color and warmth, we suggest that it be in an eclectic boho style that combines Hindu, East, hippie and plaster traditions.

Moroccan-style terrace

Moroccan style is a true example of decorating in boho style. Add hanging chandeliers, in various pastel colors or beige, many multicolored pillows, and sofas with high sides. You will get a relaxed, extremely comfortable and comfortable place to welcome guests during the summer.

Attic in boho style

To make the most of the loft space, you can put beds and covers, made in eclectic boho style, under the slopes. Bright, bright, cheerful colors will refresh the space.

Add pictures and covers

The easiest way to freshen up your space in boho style is to insert lots of overlays and art paintings. Insert the carpet in lush, vibrant colors. Pillow cases should be of different designs, prints and colors. Add colors to your walls by hanging different paintings. Everything should be colorful and playful.

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