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50 Boho interior style ideas !!

In the modern interior are the most favorite things, they are popular with people and are in high demand among fans of novelty, freedom of thought, fantasy. A good example is the Boho style in the interior. What is Boho? Its name comes from the word Bohemia, that is, gypsies, bohemia.

Not everyone decides to create their own living room, kitchen or bedroom with Boho style, so they are loved by household members, house guests. But if such a decision still comes, then it says that the homeowner is a liberated, courageous, creative person, so he chooses whatever suits him. In fact, the interior style of bokhik is the embodiment of habits, the thoughts of the environment, the objects that fill it. There are no rules, strict lines, specific colors.

History seems
From long history the word "boho" came from "bohemia". Centuries ago, the so-called indigenous people of Bohemia, which was in the central part of Europe. Its main population is made up of Gypsies, nomads, travelers who disobeyed the laws of other nations as they clung to their beliefs, a free lifestyle. The people of the Czech Republic seemed proud, free people who couldn't settle. The style of Boh's interior, named in their honor, fits the rules described, so versatile, original, authentic. Coming here makes it impossible to appreciate the surroundings in minutes, as one room can have dozens of great details.

Why did Boho turn out to be unusual?
Quite simply, the Bohemians did not lead a sedentary lifestyle, but gathered in different countries, collecting according to every rule of conduct, household items, things, thanks to which something was accumulated. For example, Bohemians transported embroidery, costumes from China, silks from India, fur from Siberia, horse sticks from eastern countries, and clothing from Europe on wagons. As time went on, the number of bohemians increased, joined by strolling artists, circus artists, musicians, whose lives resembled continuous festive, fun and colorful colors. The term "bohemian" is preserved today, include people of creative professions.

What types of people will suit the interior in this style?
When one hears the phrase "Boho style", then the main word "bohemia" comes to mind. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess who will like it in this direction.

Usually this involves people whose activities are related to the arts, for example, actors, artists, singers. Recently, however, the circle of supporters of this direction has expanded significantly, with creative free individuals valuing individuality, comfort and comfort. Their main motto is freedom of choice, emancipation, maximum comfort. After all, living in a house like this should be comfortable being, relaxing, communicating with loved ones.
And Boho style will suit fans of perfectionism, minimalism, rational solutions, because it has many different elements, amazing colors, lots of unique details. Boho-style interior decoration is more often chosen by those who want to offer their home with lots of little things, including:

Light pillows;
Original lamps;
Motley curtains, a host of other amazing things.
Who doesn't love it?
Boho style in the interior does not like meticulous people, which irritates the clutter, a heap of masses of details. It will also be annoying if you want quiet colors, standard, classic furniture.

In terms of creative personalities from the circle of writers, musicians or actors, Boho style will present chic inland as it completely matches their worldview. Often, brave people make such a decision, value their opinion, and are always ready for significant changes in their lives. They don't want to live in a standard apartment with a normal interior because it's not that interesting, boring.

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It is undesirable to choose it if the person is unlucky in life because it is simply impossible to hide the crowd behind the curtains, paintings and rugs. As a result, the design of the room will lose its uniqueness, it will look like a mess.

Some features
What is typical of a boho-style interior? There are people who do not have enough knowledge about the subject of completing living space, believe that this style is inherent in rooms with meaningless objects or decorations. But that is not so. After all, while decorating a home with the help of a designer, there is a creative solution, as experts know the taste, measure. However, if you like, you can decorate the Bohos-style interior with your own hands.

Here you do not have to obey any rules, laws, requirements, you do not need education in the field of art, architecture. Just choose the favorite items you like, then arrange their room, decorating any colorful outfit. For example, if you choose furniture, then a bright, interesting upholstery with ornament, and for the pillow the ideal option - embroidery of flowers with embroideries, intricate patterns. The most important thing is that each part is in place.

Style signs that allow
To understand what this direction means, there are a few highlights that can be used to create the right office space without special design knowledge. Here are the main aspects to note:

The main direction. Despite the fact that he has an individuality, he has some similarities with other areas. Therefore, before you have to equip your bedroom, living room, kitchen, you must choose the main motif of the design of the room. After all, it can be contemporary, European, Eastern. Thanks to this, it is possible to determine the accent, what amount of color will appear in the room. After all, filling a room should be merged into one, creating style, not a warehouse for a mass of different but insignificant things.
The presence of textiles. Choosing Boho style design elements, you have to remember that there are plenty of textile items. It can be a bulb with a hayloft, various decor items, all the things you love are very expensive.
Holidays, bright details. Choosing such an exceptional interior, you get rest, bright details, rich color fills.

What colors match?

There are no criteria in Boh's contemporary style, no specific restrictions. Here you can choose any color your soul loves. And it doesn't matter, it will mix the hues of the interior or not, most importantly, that you like the tone you choose. Listen to your heart, follow your taste, because understanding comfort is different for everyone. It is important to create something of your own, unique, unusual, which is not the case with others. The living space should be individual, but comfortable for the eyes, the body.

The only condition for the design of the living space - the presence of saturated, light colors. Very often decor elements of orange, red, lemon, blue, green are used for this. If you want to overcome color saturation a little, you should try white.

Choice of colors

Choosing colors to create a unique home look does not have to adhere to some rules, fashion trends, standards, because everyone here chooses their own. However, several characteristics need to be considered. For the bedroom furnishings it is advisable to choose soothing colors, for example, a combination of beige with pink, blue and green. More cheerful colors are chosen for the children's room. The mix of shades is very different here, the main thing is that they like the household and it is also as natural as possible to be saturated. The main colors of this direction were red, orange, yellow, blue, blue. However, if you want to allocate a specific part of the room, then white will be a problem-solving assistant and its backgrounds will become brighter and more interesting.

Suitable furniture

Bohho style is chosen individually, but its obligatory attributes are: sofa, bed, ottoman, armchairs. And it is not necessary that the pieces of furniture were the usual headphones and also had the same color of upholstery. There can be a variety of design options that perfectly fit a leather sofa, ordinary upholstered chairs, wooden chairs, tables of different colors, soft stripes, large frameless veneers. Each thing will find its use, complementing the interior.

Furniture selection characteristics

A great option for boho will be artificial older furniture, but not necessarily in a room for only antique furniture. The most appropriate option - one or two main items, they will be the main focus, the remaining details will complement the interior. For example, the main accent can be made on an old crate, wooden chairs, sofa, foam fabric armchairs, shiny cabinet, large round wooden table. Almost every, even the most amazing things that many prefer to throw out can transform the interior. For example, it is enough to throw a glittery knit with ornament on a soft sofa, place a few colorful pillows, as everything will change dramatically. In the winter, a fluffy fursuit will be appropriate, and in the summer a silk blanket with drawings, Chinese-style patterns is possible.


If you compare boho with the known styles, then at the end of the ceiling, the walls, the floor is considered the most exciting. When designed it perfectly coexists with white painted walls, parquet flooring, old almond carpet, stucco, modest chairs, crystal chandelier. The main rule - to make the interior, you need to choose the finishing of natural materials, that is, without synthetics, especially plastics. Everything about high flow, which is: blinds on windows, metal tables, linoleum, plastic elements - everything here is simply inadequate.

Internal arrangement

Paul. The most suitable materials for finishing floors are ceramic tiles, stone, parquet, but in extreme cases - laminate. Its appearance is similar to the natural color panel, the structure.
Ceiling. The most common finishing material is suitable, for example, stucco, white, fragrance fabrics, natural shades. Sometimes dense wooden beams or communications go through the ceiling, they don't have to be hidden because everything should be natural.
Walls. Usually, they use the same tones as their general interior for their finishing. For example, a unique example would be a monochromatic glossy shade of a wall adorned with colorful paint, carpets, a beautiful panel with oriental style drawings. If desired, the walls are glued with wallpaper with an ornament that has a characteristic pattern. It is advisable to place a major emphasis on any wall, wallpapers are also suitable for this purpose and also choose contemporary, exclusive photo printing. Such elements will decorate the interior even with the most up-to-date furniture.

Interior lighting

When it comes to gods, there are chandeliers, like any classic-style lighting fixture, also a welcome handmade maid, for example, textile blinds, ribbon flower decorations, ornaments by any improvised means of light color. Room lighting should be natural, soft. The most comfortable variant of the room is the presence of large, spacious windows that will give the room enough sunlight.

Electric lighting should be warm, soft so as not to cut the eyes. For example, to decorate a lamp, often using rice paper or cloth, lamps with oriental accents are made. The height of the lighting can be different, depending on the internal and personal needs. For example, a light bulb hangs directly above the dining room chair, or below the ceiling, decorated with multicolored mesh, wire, colored glass. To get enough daylight, use light, transparent curtains.

NOTE! Choosing a BOH-style Interior Curtain needs a light color so that the decor does not appear dark, dark.

Using textiles and decorations

Textiles in boho - this is a major attribute, but by its choice it fits very carefully. After all, it plays the most important role, as it is used on windows, walls, on the floor, and even to furnish furniture.

For example, the curtains are sewn from textiles, a special partition to separate the zones of the room. And sofas and chairs have fabric covers with unique decoration. This fabric also produces chair-bags, pillows. Even decorating the room, use lined napkins, tablecloths, blankets, linens of various materials. Very often they are decorated with fur, embroidery, ribbons, beads, rhinestones. Carpets on the floor, the walls are part of the classic boho. For interior design, it is advisable to choose massive, heavy fabrics that will have rich colors. An example is brocade, velvet, tapestry, satin, silk, and the texture of the fabric, color, pattern depends only on the wishes of the homeowner.

Choice of decor

If you choose decor elements for boho, there are no restrictions, for example, you can use:

Lamps, statuettes;
Multicolored photo frames, paintings;
Antiques, handicrafts;
Herbarium, fresh flowers in flower sugars, plastic bouquets;
Favorite objects;
Magazines, books.
These items can be placed on window sills, shelves, chairs or tables. They are always in sight. Beautiful, colorful and original appearance of the owner of favorite things, for example, if he is a traveler, then his souvenirs will be adequately held on the shelves in the room. If the owner deals with a needle, her paintings, napkins, wood or jewelry crafts will find their use.

Sort of style

Boho in the interior is very common, despite the fact that many people seem chaotic, even messy. In addition, there are several varieties, each differing in their rules, restrictions, here are the main ones:

Environmental. The most natural, popular style, where there is no artificial material, including the smallest elements of decoration. The most important are stone, wood, linen, cotton, leather, silk, ceramics. All these materials together look very elegant, expensive, exquisite.
Luxurious. This trend remains the most modern, as it gives households a great mood, joy of life, the most intense colors, naturalness with the use of finishing materials.
Glamorous. He talks to him because it contains loads of glamorous things, all kinds of figurines, decorations, photographs, handmade objects and so on. However, all these things should not be stored in cabinet shelves, but on open shelves, tables, windows. This direction combines chic with flirting, glamor with maximum naturalness, taste with sophistication, refinement with beauty.
Classic Boho. There are strict lines here, plus heavy fabrics - satin, velvet, tapestry. Typical shades of this direction are gold, beige, brown, marble. To add addition, add elements of ethno style.

Boho hippie. This Boho style direction is more relevant to its classic version. It's also free, bright, a little fairy, most comfortable, chic. It is impossible to imagine bohohi without the use of glittering ornaments, hookahs, aromatic lamps, extravagant d├ęcor elements or musical instruments that create a unique atmosphere of freedom, comfort and comfort.

Summing it up

Whatever the Boho style, each one is a memorable, quirky, very bright design. Create your own home design yourself, don't be afraid to bring something new, boldly experiment, manifest your individuality. After all, if you take that issue to heart, the result will entertain not only you but your friends and relatives.


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