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6 Ways To Make Money From A Blog!

Ever wondered how to make money from a blog? If so, you are not alone in this. There are more and more bloggers who are discovering that a blog can make money. Below, I will try to bring you some of the monetization opportunities that blogging provides. But before that, I have to emphasize that not everyone can make money from writing a blog. Yes, it is possible to make money from a blog, but it takes time and a lot of effort.
Now that we have set our expectations, we can move on to making money.

1. Affiliate programs

First, let's define what affiliate programs are - these are programs where you get a percentage of your product sales. For example: one of the most influential bloggers on the subject of passive income and blog earnings is Pat Flynn. He averages $ 50,000 a month from the Bluehost affiliate program alone. What is he really doing? On its website, it advertises Bluehost as a reliable and quality hosting company, since it itself uses them. He gets a link and banners from Bluehost, which he puts on his site, and when someone on his site clicks that banner and buys hosting from Bluehost, he gets a percentage.

The great thing about affiliate programs is that you can sell really high quality products that will make it easy for you to sell. However, you must take care that these products are indeed as advertised, so as not to compromise your credibility. It is best if you are a user of the product yourself, but of course it is not required.

2. Create your own product

In addition to selling someone else's products that already have an enviable reputation, you can also create your own product. Of course, this option is more profitable because you do not share the profits from the sale with anyone, but on the other hand, you have to put a lot of effort into creating a quality product.

Some of the most popular forms of digital products you can create yourself are:

E-book and
Video course
It is advisable to be an expert in the area where you create the product, but it is not necessary. Sometimes it is enough to offer what others are not, or to combine the best of the others, for example, to consolidate multiple areas in one course or in an ebook or just focus on one very narrow niche, but deal with it in great detail.

3. Sponsored texts

Sponsored texts or native advertising are texts that are paid and where a company, brand or topic is promoted in a direct or indirect way.

For example, Coca-Cola Bloggers Network Adria is a project in which Coca-Cola sponsors blog posts by bloggers on a specific topic without directly mentioning the company or its products. On the other hand, we have sponsored texts that directly promote certain companies, products or services, such as Dragan Varagic's blog post about "Fortress" elementary school.

This is a very slippery terrain, so you have to make sure that you truly believe and think about what you are writing about so as not to damage the trust of your visitors who have been hard-hit.

4. Consultation

Are you an expert in a field, know more than others, and think you can transfer that knowledge and experience to others? Why not offer a consultation as a service?

Many world-renowned bloggers also engage in consultations in areas of expertise. What is the main difference between a consultation and a video course is that you can devote one-on-one to your client and thus provide him with a better service.

Of course, this type of training is more expensive than a video course or an e-book, precisely because you focus all your attention on only one client.

5. Google AdSense

AdSense is a Google-owned program or advertising system. How does it work? In short, when you create a Google AdSense account, you get a few lines of code to insert into your site so Google can analyze it for your site content to show ads that are similar to your site's theme.

The great thing about AdSense ads is that you do not have to look for who to advertise on your site, but Google does it for you. However, to earn more revenue from this type of advertising, you either have to have a large number of visits, or you are narrowly specialized in an area where there is not much competition.

If you choose AdSense, do not overdo it with the number of ads / banners you will place. You should not lose sight of what the primary purpose of your site is, because if you put too many ads / banners it will start to annoy your visitors and they will stop coming.

6. Banners

The main difference between selling banner space and AdSense is that in this case you are personally contacting and negotiating terms with the person who wants to appear on your site and that you will always know whose ads are on your site.

You can be static and wait for someone to contact you with a wish to advertise on your blog, and you can also be proactive about looking for leads that you think have the same audience as you, so advertising your blog has benefited them.

Again, keep in mind who is advertising on your blog and whether their reputation and credibility are harming yours. What you should never allow is that money becomes more important to you than reputation, because it is a sure path to losing visitors and all your hard work can fall into the water overnight.

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