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Feng Shui: How to Make Happiness in Your Home?

The rules of Feng Shui help us invite positive energy, happiness, money and love into our home, and we are particularly interested in how, according to Feng Hui, to refresh our living space and bring a relaxing, positive atmosphere to our home because that's all we want after our return from work - home being our little oasis of peace.

In order for happiness to enter our home, it is necessary to strike a balance between our life and our living space, because the energy in our home is reflected on us and vice versa.

In order to make our home an oasis of happiness and thus achieve success in every area of ​​life, we need to follow the following Feng Shui rules.

Tidy up the hallway - The hallway is a room that deals with new life opportunities, so try not to be overwhelmed with unnecessary things so that energy can circulate freely. Keep things in a closet and shoes in a locker. Leave room in the hallway, set up a mirror and fresh flowers, because it is the fresh flowers and the mirror that raise the level of positive energy in any space.

Pay attention to the layout of kitchen items - The kitchen is a space that affects vital energy, a space where water and fire collide, so you don't have to hit the sink and stove, you don't have to be staggered one by one. As a rule, they should stand on the same side and you should choose gentle colors for the kitchen so that the energy in your home will be calming and avoid conflicts with your partner.

Harmonious Living Room - It is important that the arrangement of the living room furniture is harmonious and to make sure that the space you spend most of your time in is not overcrowded, as you are wasting energy.

Neutral Bedroom Colors - To stay calm and positive every morning, your bedroom should be bright and soothing. Place bedside tables to improve the support you receive and give to your partner. For intensified passions, it is important to enrich the room with scented candles.

The yard must be tidy - If you have a yard, always try to keep it neat, because according to Feng Shui it symbolizes your future, the same goes for balconies, if you want a bright future, pay extra attention.


For those who practice feng shui in their home and still do not have everything they need, they need to check that they have something at home that brings them negative energy.

According to ancient Chinese art there are several trinkets in your home that attract negative energy and bad energy, and block the positive.

1. Dried flowers

Herbs are a symbol of growth and progress, but dried flowers attract exactly the opposite energy.

According to the principles of feng shui, it is necessary to remove the dried flower immediately as it is stagnant and does not allow you to move in any direction.

Refresh the space with a fresh fresh bouquet in an important or plant a new herb in a flowerpot.


2. Broken and dysfunctional items

No matter how sentimental you are about an object that is broken and dysfunctional, it is better to get rid of it.

As the Feng Shui principles say, such items adversely affect your mood. It is much better to have an empty space instead of a room full of broken, glued or unused items.

3. Unwanted gifts

Almost every one of us has ever received a gift that we did not like, whether it was the subject itself or the person who donated it.

While it is important to respect the gesture of giving, such an object can negatively affect your peace or happiness. But instead of throwing it away, give it to someone or donate it to charity.

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