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Five autumn trends you must try!

Street style fashion weeks around the world are the best indication of what will be a trend this season. Everything that fashion houses have shown in their fall collections last season finds its practical version where fashion matters most - on the streets.

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Fashion icons and trendsetters have flooded Instagram with their favorite fall combinations, and we've extracted from them the most interesting trends you must try this fall.

Animal print

In addition to the traditional autumn checkered patterns, animal prints are required this fall. Wear them as the dominant print in your color-neutral output, and the bolder ones may try out a complete animal print combination.


The overalls are no longer reserved for summer only or as a fashion choice for the occasion. Worker-inspired sleeve patterns will be the biggest hit this fall, and you can also choose a classic jeans strap. Best of all, your outfit is all set with the outfit - you still have to choose great shoes and a cool top like a short jacket or coat

High slip dress

What we love about street fashion is the fact that there are no rules. High-sheen dresses that were a symbol of summer and festive combinations now get a fall version and look just as sexy. Combine lightweight and flattering dresses with a "coarse" knit sweater to give them a boho look or choose a dress with long sleeves of warmer materials and shine like a queen of autumn.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are already specific and easily recognizable in themselves, so let them be the center of attention in your autumn outlet. There is only one "rule" - the more the higher, the better!

Sheer coat

The coat is an obligatory autumn piece and this season is getting a new dimension. Rainy days will be much cooler if you wrap the combination with a PVC coat or other transparent material. You will be protected from the rain and look super trendy and modern.

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