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Here are the trends that are a hit this fall!!

The following trends are very popular this fall, and can be "brought out" by just about any woman.
Whether you choose a skirt, a shirt, pants or a scarf, this season has been an absolute hit. A popular pattern can be fantastically combined with all other monochrome wardrobe pieces, and you won't be mistaken for combining two different wardrobe pieces in this pattern.

Of course, avoid being dressed in a checkered head-to-toe, as you will look uniform and fatigued. One of the most elegant pieces of wardrobe, embellished with this pattern, that you can wear this fall season is a pencil skirt. However, fashionable pants or blazers are no less fashionable and popular.

One of the most popular colors of the season, burgundy, is a sure sign that others will notice you, but it is also one of the most appealing ways to freshen up your styling, whether you choose jeans, a dress or ankle boots in this beautiful color.

It behaves like black, is neutral and is ideal for combining with all other colors. Very warm and attractive, you can wear it at all times, and depending on the piece of wardrobe you choose and the color you combine it with, burgundy can help you look very luxurious and absolutely fantastic.


Although many women do not like it, socks are still one of the leading trends this fall. Of course, flavors are not worth discussing, and the only complaint we have is that we can only wear them during dry weather.

On the other hand, you can very well combine them with various models of pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. Of course, keeping in mind that comfort is always our priority, this particular ankle boots model is one of the most comfortable to wear this season.

Denim skirt

Darker or lighter, midi or maxi, narrower or wider, the denim skirt is at the peak of popularity this fall season. Denim wardrobe pieces are always very fashionable and popular, and this fall season is all about the denim skirt.

Darker models are great for all occasions, you can also wear them to work (unless you have a strictly prescribed business jersey code), but also very well to combine with various pieces of wardrobe, no matter what the material is - denim is a very good match almost with everything. Of course, there is no mistake with lighter denim skirt models too - depending on the model itself, you can achieve styling that fits all occasions.

It may not even be too much of a surprise, considering that pieces of leather wardrobe are, in many ways, top of popularity in almost every fall of the season. However, what is new this fall is that the primacy is taken over by the lower parts of the wardrobe made of leather, first of all skirts (mini, midi or maxi) and then pants and trousers.
The leather skirt is one of the favorites this fall season, and you can find many models. Of course, for a very feminine and elegant styling, a leather pencil skirt is one of the best and most memorable choices. The color? You won't go wrong with any, but considering it's fall season, warm earth shades are a bargain.

Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are a fashion trend that has been ultra-popular back in a couple of seasons, and the situation is not changing this fall. In the foreground are boots over suede knee pads, and as far as colors go, all shades are represented - from neutral to vibrant.

Of course, if you are a lady who wants to bring a touch of color into her everyday styling, burgundy or dark purple (say, eggplant or plum) boots over the knee will do a fantastic job, especially when combined with neutral colors. On the other hand, you'll never go wrong with knee-high boots that are neutral shades, whether it's black, gray or beige.

Animal pattern
You must have seen women carrying the animal pattern from head to toe at least once in your life. Well, don't be that woman! Animal patterns, especially leopard and snake skin, are a real hit this fall season, but we recommend being subtle. Far from it, you should only limit yourself to aseosars with this pattern, but still don't overdo it.

The leopard pattern blouse, combined with a neutral color skirt, looks very harmonious. You get the same harmonious look when you combine an animal-patterned skirt with monochrome blouses or shirts. What looks vulgar is the combination of the wardrobe pieces, which are the mentioned patterns, from head to toe - hence, the main wardrobe pieces and accessories. If your goal is to get a very striking and stylish styling this fall season, it will be enough to add ankle boots or snake-skin parlors.

Geometric pattern

Another pattern, which is very popular this fall season, and which can help you get such striking styling, is the geometric pattern. It’s a real refresh this fall season, and you can find it literally on all your wardrobe pieces. However, that's not all - the footwear with the geometric heel is just as stylish and popular this fall.

A dress with a geometric pattern will surely bring you to the fore, wherever you appear, because it is very striking, but that's not all: this particular pattern is great and for the reason that it can help hide small imperfections on the body, because the pattern is such that the attention of the observer is not kept in one place.


The reign of the suit continues and so this is one of the very popular trends this fall season. There are so many options here and it's really hard to decide on just one, but what's good with any outfit is that you can combine your pants and their jacket with other pieces of clothing, or you don't always have to wear them together.

As a checkered pattern is one of the leaders during the fall season, so can you choose suits in this style. This is a classic style, but it is also very unobtrusive and attractive. To keep everything stylish, choose suits that have high waist pants (you'll be able to combine them well with all other wardrobe pieces) and a slightly longer blazer.

Somewhat surprisingly, but one of the colors we don't often resort to when it comes to the fall season, it's still at the top of popularity. Gray, and by that we mean all its shades (from light to dark) is one of the leading colors for this fall, and so easy to combine.

You are certainly aware that this is a neutral shade that can be so well combined with all other colors, but you will not go wrong if you opt for a monochrome edition in this color. However, if you choose to do this, you combine different shades of gray to make the styling as attractive and striking as possible, and you look ultra-modern.

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