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We leave the boring winter clothes until the next cold season, and we remove fluttering dresses and skirts and light blouses from the closets.

This year's crop top, the short top, will be one of the most popular pieces of clothing to combine with deep-waist skirts. If you do not have one like this but have an old shirt or blouse that you no longer wear, grab a scissor and create a stylish cannon without sewing.
Check out the tutorial in the post below to find out how! It's time to discover that tight stomach!

Material Required:

Fabric adhesive,
Tailor or any other chalk.

Cut the front of the blouse vertically right down the middle. Cut the back side horizontally to the length you want your cannon to be.
Wear a blouse, cross the two fronts of the blouse under your chest, then tie or pin it on the back. You can leave a flat neckline or bend the edges inwards to make a V neckline. If you decide on a different variant, use a fabric glue to join the sides together so they don't change shapes.
Combine this kind of top with skirts, jeans, pants or short-waisted shorts and you will look fabulous!

You can do it yourself!

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