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Top 9 Best Online Jobs To Earn Over $3000 From Home!!!

Learn How To Make Money On The Internet And Do You Need An Investment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this business, what are the best online jobs today, what platforms can you earn and what do they provide you?
How to make money online is no secret. Many professionals charge for online business consulting and services.

We live in a time where decent pay can be earned online. What are some of the jobs you can make a decent living from home and how to get there, find out in this text?

Unlike permanent or temporary employment, which implies full-time daily work, part-time employment is temporary and lasts as long as the project you are engaged in.

In parallel, you can have several part-time jobs paid in consultation with your employer. Although you do not have working hours, you have a deadline that must be met in order not to have a problem with your employer. client.

Remember the artist. They make their money part-time. Artists, especially in Serbia, have nowhere to work and are forced to work part-time for the rest of their lives.

It is advisable to have a contract for each part-time job. Unless you have a contract and work with strangers, it will be very difficult to prove fraud if it occurs.

Part-time jobs are the answer to the question of how to make money online.

The advantage of part-time employment is that you do not have a boss in the traditional sense of the word or part-time. If you are a night bird, you can do the work during the night. Usually, clients do not matter where you are, so you can do your work in a jacuzzi tub.

However, clients can be as pushy as some frowned-up boss.

The biggest disadvantage of part-time employment is insecurity. You are overbooked for one month, so nothing happens for two months. As the job market increasingly moves into the virtual world, there will come a time when you will not have to worry about whether or not there will be a job every month.

In fact, in order to live a decent part-time job online, you need to engage more on your own than with a "regular" job. Knowledge of English is preferable as the foreign market is much larger and more profitable.

With part-time employment, you never know where your journey will take you and what job opportunities you will get.

If you find out that you are a good freelancer, your business offers will be higher and higher. You will be able to choose clients and projects, as well as determine the price of the service.

How To Make Money On The Internet Without Investing.

When it comes to how to make money online, know that there are specific jobs that are sought.

Earnings stories are being circulated on the internet through "clicking and liking", surveys, and more, but even if it were true, the earnings are very low and you cannot achieve anything (if they can be called that).

When it comes to the right jobs, it is best to work through platforms such as Upwork, Elance, Freelance, etc. The platforms guarantee that the client will pay for the work.

Each platform has its own rules that must be followed from the moment of registration. Best of all, you can make money there without investing.

The only investment is to invest in a language or an area you want to master. For $ 10, you can order the Udemy course you want to master and later redeem.

How secure is making money online?

Program your future. The latest tech skills. Udemy online courses start at £11.99.

If you register through official sites and platforms that mediate between client and fee, you need not fear that you will not be paid.

You can safely make money online if you are a photographer, designer, writer, digital marketer, developer. Within these jobs there are divisions that are narrowly expert. Wedding photographer, food photographer, party photographer and more. There are different graphic and web designer.

As for writing, you can be a copywriter and work in the advertising industry. A blogger and article writer differ on a specific topic (eg travel, sports, fashion, etc.). A very important niche is for writers. the reading audience the writer is addressing.

Speaking of digital marketing, you can do SEO optimization, social media marketing, Google Analytics, email marketing, etc.

If you become an influential person on the internet through blogs and social networks, you become an influencer. The more familiar you are, the higher your engagement price.

1. Best Online Jobs - Web Writer.

Web writer creates written content on the Internet. Works for portals, magazines, blogs. When you say web writer, you are not referring to a creative writer or journalist, but to a blogger who provides useful information on a particular topic with his / her texts.

There are web writers for specialized fields (eg medicine) and on this occasion you need to have a good understanding of the subject matter and the field of research.

Mostly web writers are concerned with commercial content that should reach the average reader. The web writer must know well the audience he is addressing. The texts must be written, clear, and sentences unburdened by difficult terms.

A web writer should captivate the potential reader with the title and introduction. With web writing, you need to become aware of your target group and narrowly specialize. The closer you get to a topic, the easier it will be to get the job done.

A web writer who knows the basics of SEO text optimization, deals with keywords, can charge more for his service.

You can't be a good web writer unless you read blogs. You also can't be a good web writer unless you show that you understand the reader you're talking to.

Unfortunately, there are not many jobs in the Serbian market for web writers, as the Serbian virtual market is in its infancy. However, if your English is C1 level, write for foreigners.

The best job search platforms for web writers are Upwork, Elance, Fiverr, iWriter.

2. Best online jobs - copywriter

A copywriter is not an artist, but it is advisable to write as creatively as possible a text that encourages the reader to act (eg to buy). The copywriter is part of the creative team at the marketing agency.

To put it simply, a copywriter must convince a person that the product or service they are writing about is the best solution to their problem. Copywriter is a writer and slogan writer.

The copywriter is mostly engaged in campaigning, even political. The more attention it draws to its written content, the more successful and paid the copywriter is.

3. Best Online Jobs - SEO Optimization

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. SEO optimization is one of the jobs that people do in digital marketing.

The SEO optimizer aims to ensure that the site he works for can reach Google pages or other search engines through a series of actions. On this occasion, he is researching keywords related to the content of text on the site.

If the site is on the first or second Google page after the search term is typed in the search engine, then the SEO optimization of that site is well done.

Google has about 200 rules that must be followed in order to rank well and be highly searchable.

There are different organic SEO techniques, white hat and black hat SEO techniques.

We can divide SEO optimization into two basic segments

On page SEO
Off page SEO and link building campaigns
As Google frequently changes its algorithm, people who are engaged in SEO optimization must be instructed in the new rules in order not to lose in the battle for the first or second Google page.

The basics of SEO optimization can be mastered in 3 months, but once you tackle it, you will have to research and learn on a daily basis or otherwise fall out of the game.

Behind every successful and read site is successful SEO optimization.

4. Best Online Jobs - Online Teaching
You don't have to go to China or another Asian country if you want to make money as an English teacher. You get a pretty decent profit if you take skype lessons in English.

To work as an English teacher, a good command of English, good internet connection and a microphone are required.

A large number of platforms allow only English-speaking people to register, but there are some that are happy to accept so-called. non-native speakers including Serbs. These platforms are Italics, Bibo Global Opportunity, DaDaABC, Nice Talk, etc.

The students are mostly children from China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan or Latin America.

You do not have to worry about the material as it is provided by the platform. It is imperative that you pass an interview so that the platform does not have problems with speakers who speak poor English. Some platforms ask you to record a video and introduce yourself.

You put on your profile what days and times you are free. Average earnings range between $ 15 and $ 20 per hour.

Many digital nomads are living and traveling all over the world thanks to teaching English online.

You do not need to have experience working with children or students to teach English online.

5. Best online jobs - graphic and web designers

We live in a world that is bombarded by visual content on all sides. The most sought after creators of visual content on the internet are graphic and web designers.

In order for a company or individual to run a successful business, it is necessary to have a website whose visual identity is done by a web designer. The better and more attractive the site, the greater the success of the designer and his business.

In order to work as a web designer, knowledge of HTML and CSS is also required. The job is for web designers because everyone today needs a website, even for portfolio purposes.

The best foreign search portals for design jobs are Smashing, iFreelance, the aforementioned Upwork.

Designers make a solid profit in Serbia as well. The only problem is clients who often lack hearing and taste, and do not let the designer do his job properly.

You do not have to finish Applied Academy to be a good designer.

You can make money if you only work on creating WordPress logos or themes. The narrower you specialize in a particular segment within a design, the better and cheaper the offers. And you, as a designer, are not carburetor but can devote to what works best for you.

If you like painting, it would not be a bad idea to do animation. The need for animators is great, and the job pays a lot because it is demanding.

6. Best Online Jobs - Social Media Marketing

We are witnessing how fast social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedln are developing.

Dealing with digital marketing and the aforementioned networks is not as easy and naive as one thinks. Very often, people specialize in just one of the social networks, and they know something about other networks.

People practically live on the internet and are more likely to reach audiences and customers if you offer your product or service through social networks. As competition is enormous, people's attention is lacking, and the algorithm changes almost daily, it's not easy for digital marketers.

7. Community manager

The most complex work is done by a community manager. The community manager publishes the content through social networks on behalf of the brand (or himself) he works for.

He must be communicative, skillful with words, follow the trends in the field of digital marketing, follow the habits of the audience who follows him, be accessible to his audience, be in constant contact with the client, etc.

8. Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant business is also becoming increasingly popular. The job of a virtual assistant refers to the business of communication, writing and sending emails, writing and distributing texts, etc.

9. Best Online Jobs - Photographer

If you are involved in photography or have a sense of photography (or money to buy purchased equipment), you can sell your photos online.

People who take pictures of weddings make the most, and baptism in Serbia. They earn as much as pops. You don't have to be an artist to photograph weddings, it's enough to be positive, smiling, intrusive.

Today everyone wants to look pretty through social networks. People pay for someone to photograph them to have a nice profile picture on their face. Take advantage of what everyone wants to be photographed and learn the basics of photography.

You can upload your photos on platforms that mediate between clients and photographers (e.g., Shutterstock). Earning is small at first, but if you are persistent and take pictures every day of what you find inspiring, you will be pleasantly surprised by the effect.

If you are a professional in photography, consider launching a blog that will further attract clients' attention online.

These jobs are not the only way to make money online, but they are vetted and sought after.

Nothing in life is safe, not even a permanent job if you have one. If you are dealing with part-time jobs and being your own boss, be sure to provide yourself with a life insurance policy that protects you from unforeseen health consequences, which also serves as a savings. Think of your safety.

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