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Tourist destinations with rich historical culture!

Wondering where to go next? If you do not want to go on a trip to a famous beach or swimming pool and are interested in cultural and historical sites, then take a look at these world destinations that are rich in historical memories.
Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok are just some of the magical cities with rich culture and history that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Here's a look at the following cities we've chosen for you…

Cusco, Peru

The former capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is 3,416 meters above the Andes. The origins of this city have not been fully established, but it is known that the city was built according to a plan, as an economic, administrative, and educational center, where astronomy and mathematics were studied. The population paid tax, which was used to build infrastructure as well as shelters in uncertain times.

Alexandria, Egypt

The Library of Alexandria is a worldwide symbol of culture and the intellectual achievement of civilization, though it burned in the blaze after Caesar's conquest. Alexander the Great before he discovered this country in 331 BC due to its geographical location it was a large and important port. In later centuries, this piece of land, due to its geographical location, was a strategically important point for Napoleon's war campaigns.

Athens, Greece

The cultural wealth of Athens is invaluable. This city has played a major role in the formation of Western culture that we are already familiar with, primarily in the fields of philosophy, literature and science. Apart from being a cultural center, Athens was also a center of commerce. The famous temples of Zeus and the Parthenon are just some of the historical monuments that bear on Athens' monumentality and power.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most important historical bastards in Europe. Kafka lived in it, and Mozart regularly visited it with great pleasure. The Bohemian spirit is present in the atmosphere of this modern city, which was once the center of large Jewish communities. Part belonged to Austro-Hungary, and in more recent history belonged to the Soviet Union. After the declaration of independence of the Czech Republic, Prague became a multicultural city with large commercial centers and restaurants.

Beijing, China

Beijing is more than 3000 years old and is one of the 4 ancient capitals of China. Throughout history, it has been home to the Ming Dynasty, and in more recent history during the Chinese Communist Revolution, the capital was under the leadership of President Mao Zedong (a controversial historical figure). Monuments and remains of fascinating historical civilization in Beijing you will find at every turn.

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